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Fender Bandmaster back from getting serviced!

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  • Fender Bandmaster back from getting serviced!

    Hey guys,

    So I've had a 1968 Fender Bandmaster Reverb head for a few years now. Never had it serviced. As of recently I noticed the tone not really sounding like it wasn't where it needed to be. Figured tubes and cap servicing might be in order. So I called and made an appointment to drop the amp off to get serviced. Wasn't totally sure what to expect.

    So the previous owner of the amp had Sovtek 5881's installed in the power section. I opted for TungSol 6L6GC STR tubes for the power section. Most of the preamp tubes I have in there are NOS. Turns out 2 preamp tubes were also bad. But they were reissue TungSols that had gone bad, none of my NOS preamps. The NOS rectifier tube I had in there also needed to be swapped.

    When it came time to check out the caps it seemed whoever owned the amp before me had it recapped with Sprague caps. I was happy to see they used high quality caps and I wasn't going to have to swap anything!

    The amp is back and now sounding better than ever! I shot a quick Vlog'ish type video with the update including a small intro playing piece in the beginning just recorded with a zoom recorder in the room. Nothing to write home about. Sure is amazing how much new life comes from a much needed servicing!

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    Very cool, man! I am glad you got it back and better than ever!

    That is pretty sweet that you got some free upgraded caps from the previous owner, as well.

    Having good tone is just such a great feeling. I have also been in situations where I knew my tone is not where it should be, and it is just euphoria to get it back!

    Thanks for posting this. We don't get a lot of amp talk around here. I guess that is because we aren't forced to buy left-handed amps!
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      That sounds fantastic. It is amazing what a new tube will do for an amp. Caps, too.


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        Fender Bandmaster back from getting serviced

        I noticed on the gear page that Rory had a Fender La Brea electro acoustic - I have had one that I bought in 1997 but had no idea that the great man himself also owned one Its a pretty cool looking cutaway dreadnought with a strat style head on it and a slim neck - great for anyone more used to playing electric. Has anyone any ideas on when and where he used this? Cheers