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  • Weekend find

    Picked up a Vox AC15CC1 this weekend. I have regretted selling my AC30CC2 for the last year, though at 30W it was way more than I needed.

    Saw this one on the local CL, and whalla she decided to come home with me:

    She is smooth as silk.

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    Doooool ...
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      That is one nice amp, i was considering this one myself... but then i settled with the blackstar and never got around trying it for myself...
      must agree with getting the 15w over the 30w, that last one is just stupid loud


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        Sweet!! I've always wanted a Vox like that one. Got loads of Fender amps but not a single Vox in sight.


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          Thanks all. Yeah she is sweet and I think this is the one. It is right at home when doing those great 60's tunes.

          Like I stated, had the AC30CC2 it was a great sounding amp, just way more than I needed at 30W. Sold it.

          Dummy me didn't learn and bought a HRD which is 40W. Again nice amp, but damn I could peal paint off the walls with that sucker. Sold it.

          I guess I never learn, I almost bought a Hot Rod DeVille yesterday.

          I need to add a Blues Junior to the mix, so that's what I'm looking for now.