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Peavey Windsor?

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  • Peavey Windsor?

    Just curious if anyone has one, or tried one out.

    I'm strongly considering the halfstack, played one a couple years ago at GC, and was blown away, before I knew it was $300.

    At the time my live rig was a Marshall 2204 half stack, and a keeley modded sd-1 overdrive. and that damn Windsor reminded me alot of it at low volumes.

    My main worry, is the other Peaveys I've owned(Ultra and JSX), would sound great at practice, but would compress and disappear at gig volumes.

    I'm a bit of an amp snob, but man...even checking youtube demos of it sounds great.

    If Peavey would make a freaking 2x12 combo of it, I'd be sold

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    I tried a Windsor Studio a couple of months ago. To my ears it sounded like arse. Didn't bother plugging into it again. I have had a lot of Peavey amps over the years from the usual Bandit and Special to a three channel Triumph and wouldn't knock them for the fun of it.