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    First post in the new section.

    I would like everyone to know that if you are looking for a kick ASS tube head that the Carvin X100-B is quite possibly the best bang for the buck out there. The cleans are crystal, the dirties are filthy. I have yet to encounter a single issue with it since 1993 and I actually chose it (at the time) over a Peavey EVH 5150.

    The amp eats up my MXR Wylde Overdrive as if it they were specifically designed for each other. I can go from the deepest death metal to ACDC, and the best part is that 80% of the people out there have no clue how good it is.

    If you have the means to acquire one I highly recommend it.

    for the bedroom I have a Peavey XXX 40FX combo (single 12 inch speaker). I could probably gig with it, as most Peavey equipment has a lot of output. Cleans are not as great at the Carvin and the distortion, while heavy, just doesn't feel as organic as my 1/2 stack. Overall I think this would make most people happy, if not orgasmic, but I probably have been spoiled by the aforementioned.

    In the past I have rocked a Marshall Valvestate head. This was great if you only wanted to play "symphony of destruction". I'm not sure what I did with it, but it is no longer in my possession. I had some sort of Peavey 2x12 combo that just kinda sucked. My first real amp was a Peavey Audition Plus. This was a tiny combo with nothing but a clean and dirty channel. No reverb, no chorus, nothing. Underrated, I actually gigged with it a few times in like 7th and 8th grade.

    Back home I have a 1960's/1970's Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp. This is my Dad's and could use some restoration (along with his Fuzz Tone distortion). Not really sure why it has 2 channels, as both are clean. I have to assume this tweed front amp is worth significant money.

    Lastly, I have my seldom-used Marshall Micro Stack that I just had to buy after I saw Dimebag Darrell using one on the streets in one of the Pantera home videos. Allegedly there are actual modifications for the amp out there.

    Ok, I have nothing more to discuss as far as amps go!

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    I haven't got to try out a Carvin X100 yet, but I've had a Legacy and the V3, both were great amps.

    Off all the amps I've had, the Legacy might be my favorite next to the JCM800.

    Such smooth overdrive, and snappy cleans. Carvin is a great company too, the amp caught fire once, and they replaced everything internal for $225(warranty expired, outdoor show, moisture got into an empty tube socket)

    Also really liked the V3, it doesn't cut very well live though, so it had to go.

    Gllad you mentioned the X100 though, been looking for a cheap tube rig that haven't tried yet.

    Luckily Carvin has horrible resale value, so the used gear is cheap!