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Saving/viewing send Private Messages

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  • Saving/viewing send Private Messages

    Hey fellas, this was brought to my attention this morning, and after finishing my cup of coffee, had a big ol "durrr" moment. This is an individual option for every user, and on this version of the forum software, I'm not aware of a mass "yes" button for this. So if you want it, you get to click it yourself Here are pics.

    Click general settings:

    Scroll down to the private messaging options:

    I do remember somebody having a question about PM pop-ups, Olav, I think that was you. That setting is there as well.

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    Thanks buddy! I change my settings like you instructed. It appears it will only save a copy from that point forward, therefore I cannot read items that were present prior to me changing the settings to save a copy. Is there a way around that at all? If not no big deal, what you did thus far was perfect, thank you very much !
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      Only way I can see around that is to use the view history button we talked about, unfortunately. I've also upped the pm storage significantly so you shouldn't have problems with your pm box filling.


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        Thanks Ben! Sadly I can't use that feature because I have many pm's from Brent that were about him being PO'd.
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