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  • Look here for updates and changes

    Alright, this thread is going to be for updates and changes. Big or small that we make to the forum. Likely there are some we won't post about; assuming it doesn't apply to you guys, but if it affects the way you use the forum, expect it to be here so you guys know, and can take advantage of it.

    200 PM capacity for inboxes.This is a trial to have this many. I'm going to keep an eye on how this affects our bandwidth, and if its too many, I'll lower it.

    Installed new version of vbulletin.

    Added facebook integration. This will let you connect your facebook account to your forum account - should you choose to do so. This is completely optional.

    Got some ads up on the bottom of the screen. The positions of these will change as I play around with it. These are as of now, functioning ads. They will take you to the vendors website, so please, click them and go check those places out. More to come!

    Installed iTrader Feedback system.

    Updated some uses for the Facebook integration. You can now "like" threads, which will then post about us on your facebook. If you have a particularly great post, or thread you've started (hint hint "watching out for" threads) Publish it to facebook. That will direct them here to see the guitars, resulting in more users registering and us getting more buds on the forum.

    I'm hoping that eventually I can get the facebook integration to a point where guitar manufacturers could take notice, through facebook/twitter. No more individually bullying the companies. They'll see an active and thriving lefty community.

    Added some new smilies
    (and a second variant)

    (and a few variants)

    This is special for Olav

    Added "FS, FT, and WTB" thread prefixes to the classifieds. Should make sorting through posts cleaner. They are color coordinated for your convenience.
    Added a feature that lets your "thanks" be turned into rep points. WIll allow the rep system to become much more useful to us. Please PM ME if you want credit for the thanks you've accumulated thus far before this was implemented.
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