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WTB: Cheapish Lefty guitar!

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  • kramerfan
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  • ShredMojo
    started a topic WTB: Cheapish Lefty guitar!

    WTB: Cheapish Lefty guitar!

    Yeah I know, kinda fits the forum =)

    If all goes to plan. I'll be looking for a guitar the after payday(bout 3 weeks). I figured I'd post a general WTB for myself, maybe someone has a guitar laying around, or one that hasnt sold in the for sale section.

    Just need something to play while I save up for a nice guitar, so I'm looking to only spend a few hundred, maybe an Epi LP, one of the RG Ibanezs or similier Kramer/Jacksons. Any type of Dean electric. Anything with a Floyd rose for sure.

    Mainly something with humbuckers or P90s, no strats/teles, probably no Schecters....but I'll consider any offer!