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FS or trade:EMG 81, SA, 89, wiring

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  • FS or trade:EMG 81, SA, 89, wiring

    Ok lefties, I have pics of my ESP CS MIII on the site. I have had it for 1 day and I don't think the pickups are for me. So for sale or trade are the EMG 81, SA, 89 with the wiring and pots and the volume is coil tapped. For trade I am looking for Seymour APH1's, SH, JB. I'm not a big heavy metal player so they will serve other players better. I would like the seymour's with chrome or black covers. The EMG's are black. To let you know the pots are just a little scratchy but hey they are 14 years old and original with the pickups. Show me what you got. I would prefer to trade the EMG's as a set for a set of HB's. I'll buy my middle coil. PM me. Lefties rock. BTW these are out of a left handed guitar-YES-I said that-woohoo.
    Bill Griffith, Paramedic/Firefighter
    terrible guitar player-hey I'm honest

    2009 Gibson SG Standard
    2005 American Strat Standard fitted with OFR and Stellartone pot system. Candy Red.
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