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Feline Guitars 7 string RG shape body

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  • Feline Guitars 7 string RG shape body

    Hello, I've had this thing a long time now and fail repeatedly in my attempts to sell it. I'm hoping this forum can help. Here are pics:

    Mahogany body
    Gloss black finish with cream mother of pearl binding
    Routed for Lo-Pro-Edge 7 bridge. I am not sure if you could drop an official Floyd Rose 7 string bridge in (easier to obtain than a LPE) but I could check if you want with people who know more than me.
    Routed for EMG 707's/81-7's etc, so if you want different pups you're limited to Seymour Duncan Blackouts in the EMG sized case or you're going to need a pickguard if you want something normal-sized!
    EB/MM JPM style control layout - 2 volume, 1 tone, 3 way toggle switch.
    Only has back panel for electronics, will need cover for bridge and battery compartment.

    The neck goes in a bit deeper than the usual Ibanez style; it's more like the Schecters, thus the bridge and pups are a little further 'back' too. So... THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH A STOCK IBANEZ NECK. You can't drop in a 7420 neck, which is the only AANJ lefty 7 available. This means that you will need to either build the neck yourself, or take the more likely option of getting someone to build one for you so that it fits fine. This is just a case of building a 25.5" scale neck but drilling the holes in a slightly higher position.

    As an alternative, you could potentially make a neck such as the one Steve Vai has on this Universe here:

    That is a 28.265" scale neck with 26 frets. The body is a standard Universe one as far as I know. As you can see the 26th fret is level with the bottom of the cutaway. On this body it would likely end up with the 24th fret at the bottom of the cutaway, as would be typical with a normal Ibanez. Just an idea!

    Now, here's the fun part. Currently the user Sponge, who is also my buddy has this body. He's in Toronto. The reason being was I sold it to him thinking it might be ok with the 7420 neck he had. It wasn't, noob error. Rather than send it back across the Atlantic, I thought that it was more likely a new buyer would be from the States or Canada, so he might as well take care of it until I managed to sell it on.

    I'd like £120 for this, including shipping. I'm trying to think of the best way to arrange payment but it'll probably be something like, you pay Sponge for this and then he'll transfer the money (deducting whatever shipping was) to me.

    Hope someone can do something with this, it's literally been sitting about in various places for years.
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    P.S you may be able to drop an OFR Floyd in there with little to no modding but I'm not 100%. Lo Pro Edges are still reasonably easy to get hold of though.


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      Holy shit, I MIGHT have a buyer for this.


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        Ha, he never got back to me. FAIL.


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          where would you get a neck for that?


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            You'd have to get one made. Any luthier worth his salt will be able to make one. I fear this is what is making this hard to sell!

            In terms of making the neck, you'd just follow the usual steps, cut the neck out, measure from the bridge to the nut for your scale length, drill the holes in the right place so they line up with the holes in the body heel e.t.c. Same principle for the idea I presented in the OP - an extended scale neck with extra frets, which was an idea purely to keep the guitar intonated while giving just as good fret access as a typical Ibanez.


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              Pauly, I'm the guy Johnathan from Feline Guitars got you to contact on harmonycentral, I DID message you back, and I do defo want the guitar body!

              I've been trying to contact you since.

              Do you still have it? I'll defo take it!


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                HC was the one place I didn't check! Awesome!

                It's still for sale, I hope my first post in this thread gave you some ideas, and let you know the current location of the body. I'll get on MSN now and tell Billy/Sponge that I have a buyer. He can send it back to me then I'll ship it to you. Or, what I can do is if you want Jonathan to finish this guitar off, I'll take it down to Feline myself for you.

                Sooooooo pleased I can give this a proper home and have it turned into an actual guitar. Send me pics when it's finished k!

                Regarding your PM question on HC, no stock neck will fit, for 2 reasons:
                a) it's not the old-school square Ibby neck joint like the older models
                b) while it uses the same AANJ of the newer Ibbys, it wouldn't fit an RG7420L neck because it goes down about 2cm further into the body.

                Again, Mr. Feline himself is probably your best option. Add me on MSN or Skype if you want too.

                EDIT - UPDATE

                Right, just spoken to Billy. Eek. Presuming you read the first post you'll know he has the body because I sold it to him, and it turned out not to be what he wanted as the neck he had didn't fit it, and rather than ship it back, since he was my buddy and I made the assumption any other buyer would likely be stateside or therebouts I told him to keep a hold of it till someone else bought it. The problem then was nobody did and it's been there a while now.

                It's at his parents house in Toronto... and...he won't be visiting until the end of April.

                Therefore I'm slightly embarrassed to tell you that you'll have to wait a couple of months before I'll get it back and I can sell it to you, because there's no way I'd ask for payment until it was back in my possession. I'm hoping you're patient but if you're not, I understand, it's a bit of a wait! Really sorry about that, I was hoping he'd be home before then so I'd get it back within a month, but it looks like I'll receive it some time in early May.

                If I can make it sound bearable in any way, you'd usually have to wait about 8+ months for a Feline custom from scratch.

                Let me know if you're ok with that! On the plus side it gives you some time to source parts, which will hopefully save you some money if you get Jonathan to put the thing together. The pickup routes will fit either EMGs (707, 81-7, e.t.c) or the EMG-sized Seymour Duncan Blackouts. Q-Tuners too, although they're a niche product. Bridge is routed for a Lo Pro Edge 7. Jonathan can easily convert it to left-handed as he did with mine.
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                  ok, my main concern was the bridge, as Lo-pro Edge 7's are really hard to get in lefty, and also really expensive right handed, so I was thinking of putting in a Universe 7 tremolo (right handed), as I can get hold of one, that should work right?


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                    I always thought the Universe trems were Lo Pro Edge 7s? I'll check on Jemsite to confirm but I always thought they used the same bridge all through their life. If that is the case, Jonathan can machine it lefty, as he did with mine. It's just a case of drilling a new trem post in.

                    Also, please see my edit above. Your post didn't come up as I hadn't refreshed the page.

                    EDIT - ok right, some of the older models used an Edge 7. I will check now for compatibility.

                    EDIT 2 - ok,

                    "The EGDE and Lo Pro are fully interchangeable so if the EDGE profile is not low enough for you the Lo Pro can be directly swapped into the same EDGE route without any changes."
                    So yes, the bridge will fit fine.

                    Once again, check my first reply for the wait time on this (apologies).
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                      This is sold btw, lock it up! Yipee!


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                        hey good stuff, glad you could move it