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  • Squier body for trade

    I have a lefthanded 3-tone sunburst body, for trade. Comes with bridge and original pickguard as there are no other holes drilled for fitting of another pickguard, so I assume the were always togeather. It was'nt a complete guitar when I got got it so who knows. The rear trem plate has screw holes straight across from eachother in the middle, so maybe a Squier. It's a little over 1 3/4 thick so it's not a super thin one. It's light so maybe ply w/ veneer top. Anyways it's in good shape if you want to try your hand at a parts build. Most of the surface marks wiped right off, even most shown in the pictures. I'm open to trade for anything or cash offer, whatever. I also have the neck screws and the neck plate, no trem arm and probably have the pickguard screws as well. Shipping should be about 10 bucks in the US.
    Rest of the pics here:
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