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For Trade: '79 Black Guild S-60

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  • For Trade: '79 Black Guild S-60

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first post here... since I'm a bass player, I hang out way more at and

    Anyway, I thought this would be one of the few better places to work out a possible trade for my guitar.

    It's a left-handed '79 Guild S-60.

    The pics make it look quite a bit more worn than it looks to the naked eye. It has just the right amount of all natural mojo on it, without looking too beat up. The finish is much more shiny in person, but there are nicks and dings as there would be on any 30-year-old instrument that was used but loved.

    Unfortunately, I do not have the OHSC...

    Neck is bone-straight, frets have the slightest hint of wear on them, but are far from needing surgery.

    Sperzel tuners are on it right now, but I do have the originals.
    Everything else is 100% original, and the truss rod is in perfect
    working condition.

    I actually like the guitar a LOT and it plays AMAZING... but (as you can
    probably see from the pictures) I'm primarily a bass player. My
    only use for a guitar is for home recording projects, etc... so I
    simply want something that might be a little more versatile.

    Here are the pics:

    Since there are image limitations, you can click on these for two closer pics of the headstock...

    I'm open to consider anything, but I'm primarily looking for a dual pickup guitar with a hard-tail configuration. A newer Gibson SG would be a perfect example of what I'm interested in.

    Modern or classic is fine... and I'm willing to trade-up a couple-hundred bucks for something if the deal is right.

    A '79 S-60 in white, in almost identical condition, without the case, sold on eBay a few months ago for close to a grand... I'm certainly not expecting that kind of value for it exactly, but I also know that I don't want to give it away.

    Anyway, if you have any ideas, etc... post them here, PM me, or email me at caddison AT gmail DOT com. I'm ALWAYS on my computer (I'm a graphic designer), so I'll get back to you immediately.



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    I sent you a PM.


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      PM Replied!



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        Here's the listing for the one that sold recently on eBay...


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          pm sent for possible trade


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            PM's replied!

            Still up for trade!!!



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              Nobody has an old USA or MIJ Strat they would want to trade?

              Les Paul Studio?

              SG Standard?

              G&L maybe?