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bunch of lefties for sale......

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  • bunch of lefties for sale......

    hi all, new here. i was turned on to the site by olav, he told me about it over at the forums. anyhow, due to some major finacial issues im downsizing and i need to unload some guitars pretty fast. if anyone is interested let me know asap, these babies are priced to sell! here they are.

    MIM strat, broken neck, replaced with a mighty mite maple neck, very nice fat feel to it. metallic purple, miont condition, custom pickgurad and gibson P-90 Pups, great sounding axe, i hate to sell it. ------- $300

    Epiphone lp-100 totally custom, mahogony finish, al gold hardware, grover vintage style gold tuners, syemore duncan phat cat pickups, this guitar screams!!! it has a black pickguard on it as of now ------ $300

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    custom telecaster "style" guitar, i call it METALCASTER, solid northern ash body, mighty milte birdseye maple neck, Schaller tuners, EMG 60/81 active pickups sweet guitar, plays awesome -------- $450

    Schecter Zacky Vengeance Sig model S-1, totally stock, very cool guitar with duncan pickups, bolt on neck great action profesional setup------ $300


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      Love the tele ( very metal ) if i had tha cash and extra cash ta ship to the UK
      i would be first in line


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        Did you strip the LP? It looks pretty nice, how do the pickups sound? I don't think I'm familiar with phat cats.

        The Schecter looks pretty cool too, who's Zacky Vengeance?


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          That purplecaster is all yummy. Makes ya wanna pick it up.
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            epi LP - yep stripped it down, removed the maple cap, nice walnut varnish over the solid mohogony. phat cats sound great. the pickups alone cost me $165, gold roller bridge. it looks like a Vintage mohogony les paul. plays great too.

            purple strat is very cool. gibson p-90 pickups.

            i will ship the tele to UK, no problem with that.

            Zacky Vengeance is the guitarist in the band avenged sevenfold.


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              (i will ship the tele to UK, no problem with that. ) ( cool ) customs in the UK fucks you hard!

              What condition is it in ? as new,mild use,well played?

              Any more pics ?

              $450 is £271.242 ,who would i pay for it ?,send you a cheque in $ or £.

              Not trying ta waste your time ( just curious )
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                I have shipped to London before. I think I can send it as a gift and you won't be taxed as hard. Obviously I would need US dollars, I don't know how that would work exactly, but if you do. I'm all ears.

                The guitar is in new condition. It's perfect! No more pics right now but I could get some more tonight.

                I'm in a hosptial room right now, my wife is having a baby.


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                  If you pay by paypal the currency conversion is done automatically, but there is a 4% international fee if you are paying from Europe to the US. That's not too bad considering my bank charges me a flat fee of 35 euro ($50+) to send any amount of US dollars, to send $50 costs $50 more !

                  Just something to know about "gifts" via paypal, you may not be insured if there is a loss or damage to the instrument.


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                    Originally posted by Eric The Welder View Post
                    I'm in a hosptial room right now, my wife is having a baby.
                    SHIT dont worry about the pics now ,get back to the hospitial bed

                    I'am in no hurry

                    All the best,hope the babys a lefty : )


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                      Originally posted by Eric The Welder View Post

                      I'm in a hosptial room right now, my wife is having a baby.
                      Hey congrats!


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                        oh i got hours before babytime. if you want, paypal is cool with me. im really needing to get these guitars sold, especially with the new baby coming. i can ship same day, ill even put it in a hardshell case if it fits in the one i have.

                        hows $500 USD shipped and insured, in a hardshell case sound? or i can ship it as a gift so you dont pay taxes.


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                          Hi Eric, have my fingers crossed for you and the missus. We'll need pics of the addition to the family of course
                          va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
                          Originally posted by chilton
                          Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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                            Hi Eric is $450 your rock bottom on the metalcaster? I may be interested..


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                              how bout $400 shipped.