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    Ok, I bought this a little bit ago and have put a lot of new parts on it. Mt better half just lost a dog. I am selling this to fund a new poodle for her. She has put up with my guitar buying for a long time so I thought I would finally return the favor. Its a surprise, so she knows nothing about it. Its a 1986 PC1 in flip flop blue that I got from Kramerfan. Its got a OFR with quite a few new floyd parts, a new SD JB at bridge, Screw in arm to collar type, and screw in studs to bushing, and new shaller chrome locking tuners. Ther is no case and the shipping will be neck and flyod off. Also have the tremsetter on it. The backplate is tortoise, its all my local shop had and the switch cover is not original and not cut exactly right. The neck is straight, frets greats, and the body and various nicks, scratches, dents. There is no cracks, breaks or repairs. I would like to get 425 shipped and pp'd unless it goes overseas then shipping will be more. PM me. The money goes towards a new poodle. Pics are hear in the showroom.
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