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Three great guitars for sale - Fender, Fender CIJ and Edwards

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  • Three great guitars for sale - Fender, Fender CIJ and Edwards

    Hi all,

    I have three guitars that I am selling: a 1978 Fender Strat, a '71 reissue CIJ Mary Kaye Tele and an Edwards Cherry Burst Les Paul w/Seymour Duncan Humbuckers.

    1978 Fender Stratocaster - This guitar originally had a natural finish, but someone painted it silver. Everything else is original. That includes tuning machines, pickups, neck, etc. It plays great and is a REAL vintage 78 Fender. 7.5 out of 10 $750 w/HSC - shipping included

    '71 Reissue Telecaster - The "Mary Kaye" finish is a rare color for a 71 CIJ Fender Reissue. It has a great neck and it plays like a dream. 9 out of 10 $650 w/gig bag - shipping included

    Edwards Les Paul replica - I bought this guitar last year from a dealer in Japan and NEVER played it. I just took it out of the box, checked it out, and put it back in the box. It is BRAND NEW! 10 out of 10 $750 w/gig bag - shipping included

    I will ship FedEx ground in the CONTINENTAL US ONLY. No international sales, sorry.

    If you are interested, if you need more info, more pictures, serial numbers, etc., please email me at [email protected].

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    Email sent regarding the Kay Tele, but it came back undelivered.
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      Is there a model # for the Les Paul?