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Custom 7 string built by Roter guitars

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  • Custom 7 string built by Roter guitars

    Awesome playing/sounding guitar, just not really playing 7 strings much these days, compounded by the fact that I have HUGE Vigier gas

    Wenge Mahogany Wenge 3 piece Neckthru construction
    24 frets
    6100 frets on blank ebony fretboard
    Maple caps
    Bareknuckle Warpig bridge pickup
    Planet Waves auto trim tuners

    The guitar is evaluated at $2,700CAD here from a local well reputed luthier. I had Roter built it to me for just slightly under 2,000CAD. It had a big dent in the finish in the back which I had rebuffed by MF lutherie here in Montreal. In any case, I'm putting it at 1,600 + ship OBO.


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    password protected...


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      just type in "sevenstring"


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        Heyyyy, I remember this badboy from SS! If I had the money I would snap this up in an instant, I'd love to own a Roter! This is a top-quality instrument.


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          sick headstock
          Originally posted by metalchurch
          I had my ball sack appraised one time.
          Originally posted by metalchurch
          ??Apparently ball sack and ball sack are synonymous.


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            The biggest deal I have with letting this thing go is the tone. It's not the best tone I've ever heard, but it's certainly the most unique. It's very weird, but in an awesome way. Hard to explain really; it's EXTREMELY clear even with lots of gain. I think the Wenge plays a big part in that.

            Another thing I forgot to mention, its 27'' scale
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              That is a very cool guitar.


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                Are you willing to trade??


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                  Sorry man, I sold this guitar months ago!

                  Curious though, what would you have offered in trade?
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