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WTT both my guitars for 1 of yours...

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  • WTT both my guitars for 1 of yours...

    So I just got the best possible news a band member could get, along with the worst possible news (kinda) long story short, got a very important show with some very important people, and I need to have a Gibson in my hands for when it happens, problem being, I've always played Schecters up until this point.

    I have no cash, and I realize trading is extremely popular right now because of the economy, so I am offering up BOTH of my Left Handed Schecters for ONE good condition Les Paul (studio obviously).

    A brief history on both guitars, the Hellraiser is a year old, has a JB/Jazz combo in it, no fret wear and a 9/10 cosmetic. The C-1 Artist is 2 years old, is an 8/10 as far as looks, has the stock JB/'59 combo in it, and the bridge is showing a little bit of wear.

    Both guitars have light scratches, but I take amazing care of my gear, and wouldn't put up any here for trade if it wasn't ready to rip our of the box. Both guitars comes with a case, the one for the C-1 Artist is a right handed case, but it actually does the job just fine, the other is an awesome Schecter case that you don't see every day.

    So there it is... I know I will have to bump this a million times, and this is a total shot in the dark, but I have to pull all the resources I can think of.

    I'm in Cape Coral, FL. and would love to do a face to face, and will ship also if necessary, please send all questions to my private E-mail since I don't check the forums that often: [email protected]

    I haven't posted here before, but I always pop in to see what's going on because I think it's awesome someone FINALLY made a lefty forums, I have great references on Harmony-Central and the Boogie boards under this same name, and perfect feedback on eBay under the name kase6484 with all guitar related gear.

    Pics, I can take plenty more, just ask...

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    Why not check into rentals? Or, I know this is done...but not by me. Get a guitar from guitar center, gig with it and return it the next day.



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      Heh, I like your style, but I don't have the funds to buy it regardless...anyhow, I would also sell BOTH the guitar with the cases for $1,000.00 shipped if anyone is interested, nice to have a forums just for lefties, I LOVE IT!



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        Why do you need a Gibson?

        I have a Chinese Gibson copy.....