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Schecter C-7 blackjack Diamond series LEFT HANDED

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  • Schecter C-7 blackjack Diamond series LEFT HANDED

    Hey people, about time we had a forum just for ourselves isn't it?

    Anyways, i just recently put up my schecter 7 string on, its for the UK only im afraid but if there is anyone looking for one thats pretty much in the same condition it came out the box minus literally a tiny dent and a few scratches then let me know.
    If you type in schecter c-7 on ebay.CO.UK then it'll come up, my username is walker3919, it got a starting bid of £480 which seems a lot but considering these sell brand new at nearly £640 including postage i think its a steal, if any1 likes it and wants to make me a seperate offer or anything message me on here and i'll get back to you as soon as

    have fun
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