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Lefty guitars for sale: Fender and Agile

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  • Lefty guitars for sale: Fender and Agile

    Agile AL-2000 Black w/ Floyd Rose ($220 w/o case)
    Guitar is in perfect condition except for a small dent in the headstock, a small dent near the trem cavity, and some slightly tarnished hardware on the pickups.
    If you want the case add $25 to the total.

    Agile AL-2000 Silverburst (without Bridge Pickup $150 and w/o case)
    The guitar is in PERFECT condition, except for a chip on the top side (you have to be standing up then look down to see it). It originally came with a JB in the bridge, but I'm keeping that!
    Add $25 if you want the case

    NOTE: I only have 1 LP case, so whoever buys first (and wants the case) gets it.

    Fender Standard Strat ($300 w/o case or strap)
    ONE DENT, BARELY EVEN NOTICEABLE. YOU HAVE TO LOOK TO SEE IT. Midnight wine with maple fretboard. 2004. Add $50 for the Molded Fender HSC. Add another $20 if you want a SRV strap (i believe it to be 4" but it may only be 3 1/2") its leather.

    Would prefer US only. But WILL do Canada if you agree to pay any extra fees. US MONEY ORDER or INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER ONLY!

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    Agile LP with a Floyd, sweet. That strat color combo rocks too, good luck with the sales!


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      Yeah its a real nice guitar, I just don't have much use for the floyd, and I am finding I'm more of a Strat and V kind of guy.

      The only reason I'm selling that MiM is because I got a sweet deal on an 84 MIJ Strat.

      Also to note, that the MiM has an extended body contour!