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Fender / Warmoth Custom Lefty Stratocaster

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  • Fender / Warmoth Custom Lefty Stratocaster

    This is a fantastic guitar for the beginner all the way to a touring professional. It stands up to every single one of my strats which I have owned over the years (10+), and has found its place in my live playing for the past 2 years. This is on par with American Deluxe guitars, if not better for certain purposes. It definitely puts the American Standard series to shame both in playability and sound. I have taken great care in the setup and care of this guitar from its inception. It plays incredibly and has a very defined and rounded tone thanks to the set of Van Zandt rock pickups. This guitar has a value of $1062 when everything is added together.

    * Fender Standard Ash Body in Agave Blue Finish ($200 Value)
    * Custom Shell Pickguard / Upgraded Electronics ($50 Value)
    * Van Zandt Balanced Rock Pickups ($240 Value)
    * Graphtech Brushed Steel Saddles ($80 Value)
    * Graphtech String Saver Nut & String Tree ($25 Value)
    * Deluxe Gotoh Tuners
    * 22 Fret Warmoth AAA Birdseye on Birdseye Maple Neck:
    - AAA Birdseye with Matching Fretboard ($357)
    - Precut Graphtech Nut ($30)
    - Vintage Tint Gloss Finish ($105)
    - 6105 Frets, Standard Thin Back, Warmoth Radius, No Inlay

    Overall, this guitar is a beauty. 9.2/10 cosmetic condition, and has an INCREDIBLE neck. Each pickup setting has a unique flavor and handled every Stratocaster need I had in my bands (one is a Top 40 cover band that covers literally every style you can imagine). The frets have tons of life left, like new basically. The action is very good...nice and low with no string buzz and bending feels natural and easy. Chording is extremely simple and the 9"-16" Radius neck Warmoth offers is incredible.

    ISSUES: The body has 2-3 very minor surface dings, which have cause imperfections in the lacquer. None of these flaws are on the face of the guitar body though, just the sides/back. That is the only issue and I would confidently rate this guitar at 9.2/10 in terms of condition. The body itself is the only area of concern, everything else is like new.

    The strings were changed last month and have been through perhaps 2 shows and band practice. They are Blue Steel.10's and have plenty of life left. I will also include a gig bag for shipping purposes or you can pay a small fee for a range of hard cases I have around.


    I have been trading Lefty guitars for 8+ years now, and have never had a bad deal. Fire me an email or IM as well, I love to talk lefties, on forums as well. There isn't many of us around, and I love finding out about new guitars to try and players to discuss our 'impairment'.

    Looking for $575 (50% off retail) + shipping OBO