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Warmoth Custom Built Left Handed Stratocaster Guitar

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  • Warmoth Custom Built Left Handed Stratocaster Guitar

    I have a guitar with a long history for sale. Originally built in around 2000 and posted on the Warmoth custom gallery, it has since been hot rodded into its current state. I have taken great care in the setup and care of this guitar from its inception. It plays incredibly. This guitar has a value of $1285 when everything is added together. You are saving over 70% on the value of this guitar if you were to purchase it all new. If this auction does not sell, I will consider selling the parts separate:

    * Warmoth Swamp Ash Body ($175)
    * Transparent Turquoise Finish ($185) - Looks incredible
    * Custom Shell Pickguard / Highest Quality Electronics/Hardware ($70)
    * Wilkinson Brushed Steel Vibrato ($92)
    * Dimarzio H/S/S Configuration (Virtual Vintage & DP-103)
    * 22 Fret Birdseye Maple on Ebony Strat Neck ($228)
    - White Corian Nut, 16" Radius, Ibanez Wizard Contour, Abalone Inlays ($110)
    - Vintage Gloss Finish with Matching Turquoise Peg Head ($125)
    * Half Scallop Job ($50)

    Overall, this guitar is a beauty. 9/10 cosmetic condition, and has a great feel. Extremely fast, and aggressive. The neck is very similar in feel to my Ibanez RG series guitar, except has a distinctive Strat vibe to it as well. The perfect hybrid for rock/metal/fusion. The scalloped frets from 12-22 are fantastic and truly a delight to play. I have laid down blazing solos with this machine, and hopefully you will too! Oh, the neck plate comes with the guitar as well.

    ISSUES: The body has surface scratches. Nothing even remotely serious or visible from more than 2 feet away. The neck has virtually no fret wear, but the scallop job wasn't perfect and 2 of the abalone inlays chipped a bit. Other than that it is mint.

    The strings are missing as I took apart the guitar for photo purposes. I can include a set unless you have a favorite brand which I will go buy. I can ship the guitar separated which will drop the price significantly as well if you do not want a Hardshell case. I have a range of case options which we can discuss.

    Contact me for any questions or more photos. It is priced to SELL.

    Looking for $575 + shipping OBO


    I have been trading Lefty guitars for 8+ years now, and have never had a bad deal. Fire me an email or IM as well, I love to talk lefties, on forums as well. There isn't many of us around, and I love finding out about new guitars to try and players to discuss our 'impairment'.

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    did they only scallop the high E string on the 12th fret?


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      Hello my friend,

      I'm quite interested in your guitar, but the only problem is I live
      in Cyprus (Europe).

      So do you ship to Europe? (And at what cost?)

      "NO, I don't build left handed guitars! I think left handed people are freaks and should not even play the guitar."

      Words by a famous luthier when asked by me for a custom left handed instrument quote.

      "Great man, you are brilliant! So your stupid ass thinks that Hendrix should have never played the guitar?!"

      My reply.


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        scalloped frets would be interesting to play...
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          Originally posted by Jesse View Post
          did they only scallop the high E string on the 12th fret?
          it looks like it.never seen that
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            I see it sold ..
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