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FS: Schecter C-1 Artist

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  • FS: Schecter C-1 Artist

    hey guys i have this guitar on ebay and craigslist, so i might as well put it on here too. heres the specs...

    Black with black pearloid binding, Grover Tuners, Neck-through construction, TonePros Tune-o-matic-style bridge, 5-way switching, upgraded Dimarzio Pickups (the orginal Seymour Ducans are also included). Theres normal wear and tear, a few minor scratches on the front of the body and buckle scratches on the back. nothing major (nothing through the clear-coat). i just re-strung it and set it up. Comes with a crappy gig bag too!

    Im asking $375 shipped to the lower 48, and i accept paypal.

    thanks for looking
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    I was eyeing that yesterday on the 'Bay.

    Two questions: Who did the wiring on the pickups, and what's the neck profile like?


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      i bought tthe guitar used and it already had the pickups in it. I asked the guy i bought the it off of and he said a local shop did it. ive never had a problem with them.

      Heres some pics of the neck. its c-shaped, pretty comfortable and the heel is real smooth, easy access to the higher frets.
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        Thanks for the info!

        That neck looks a little small for me. I've recently discovered the joys of thick necks, and it's tough to consider going back.

        Best of luck, though. That's a killer deal!


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          Hey, man.

          I forgot to mention something I noticed when I looked at your eBay ad:

          It doesn't say "left handed" anywhere in the ad. Only "lefty"

          I see that it's about to end, but if you re-list it, you might get more hits if you include both in the title.


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            yeah, i have to revise it. thanks


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              no one interested in this at all?


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                Too bad your not in Canada....


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                  bump still for sale...