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FS/FT Elliot Easton's custom Firebird

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  • FS/FT Elliot Easton's custom Firebird

    Hey all,
    I'm new here but I've probably sold to more than half of you on Ebay(ask godwentpunk where he got those San Dimas Jacksons and Washburn N4!)
    I'm testing the water on this thing but not in a real hurry to get rid of it.It's a 2005 First Act reverse Firebird with ebony board,Lollar pickups,REAL pearl inlays(you listening Gibson?)and mahogany neck and body.It sounds killer and get's the "where the Hell did you get that!?!" all the time.I played plenty of Elliot's guitars at Rudy's and just kept coming back to this one.I kept thinking I always wanted a Firebird but where would I get the $4,000+ to have Gibson build one?!?I have plenty of pics if interested.I also have a documented certificate of authenticity from Elliot and a few of his picks too.I'm looking to trade for a Gibby Les Paul or possibly a PRS.I love this guitar but I'm just too damn paranoid to play out with it.I know,I'm an idiot...
    Here's a few links for it.

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    Elliot's Firebird...some pics





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      looks awesome! good luck on the Sale/Trade..

      um what are you looking for?


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        Thanks...I would like to get a Gibson Les Paul standard or PRS Mcarty.I may be open to other trades depending on what it is.I just don't see the use in keeping a guitar I'm not going to play.I'm not a collector and as much as I love the way it plays I just wouldn't forgive myself if it was to get messed up or stolen.


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          saw this on ebay, such a nice axe
          Originally posted by metalchurch
          I had my ball sack appraised one time.
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          ??Apparently ball sack and ball sack are synonymous.


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            Jami is a stand up guy, I can vouch for that. I ALMOST pulled the trigger when you had it up on eBay the last time. I just was in a small dollar crunch so I had to pass. Anyway, still an awesome guitar. I have one of Elliots Fenders Stats.



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              Super hot and sexy piece of guitar ass!!!!
              "NO, I don't build left handed guitars! I think left handed people are freaks and should not even play the guitar."

              Words by a famous luthier when asked by me for a custom left handed instrument quote.

              "Great man, you are brilliant! So your stupid ass thinks that Hendrix should have never played the guitar?!"

              My reply.