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    Fully loaded pickguard.
    I have decided I am a humbucker guy. Strat sounds great but I am replacing the single coils with a couple of humbuckers I have laying around.
    Currently have a strat with Fender Vintage noiseless pickups. Everything was wired by ACME Guitar Works. Typical 5 way switch. It has CTS pots with orange drops. First knob is volume, second is tone, and the third is a blend knob. Has the mod to keep treble from dropping when you roll back the volume. $190 shipped. It now has black knobs in place of the white knobs. Pickups are about 3 months old.

    Here is a pic of the pickups.
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    You shouldn't show pix like that overhere unless you intend to unload the guitar. That is one amazing looking strat! If I were you I'd be looking to put singlespaced hums in...
    Make sure the Crawdad don't catch a glimps of that guitar...
    va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
    Originally posted by chilton
    Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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      WOW, I see what you mean Olav. That is gorgeous. I love the contrast with the maple board. Very Kool.


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        Thanks guys. Plays great and looks even better when the photo is taken in good light.


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          that's a fine piece of wood right there, envious