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    I don't really want to sell this guitar, but I need some money to move, and I stopped playing it once I got my second Warmoth.

    It's got three mini-humbuckers which can be very aggressive, but also clean up nicely. Its neck is a little on the thick side (but not terribly so). Cosmetically, I would rate it 8/10, with the only issue being some scuffs on the pickguard and minor surface scratches here and there - from four feet, it looks brand new at every angle. Functionally, it is flawless.

    These guitars are as rare as anything. This guitar was stolen from me in 2008 and I called Schecter asking them how many had been made. The rep told me "well, I don't want to say it's one of a kind, but that's probably not far off"

    I'll sell it for $475 shipped in the ConUS.

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    man, i remember that story, the whole sacramento thing, crazy stuff.
    Originally posted by metalchurch
    I had my ball sack appraised one time.
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    ??Apparently ball sack and ball sack are synonymous.


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      Yeah. I got it back and was playing it non-stop for three months or so, but then I finished my second Warmoth...I'm definitely not meant for collecting. I feel bad not playing it.

      So I'm not desperate to sell it, but if I can get it to a good home and make my life easier at the same time, so be it.


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        What's the headstock look like?


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          I don't have a picture of it, but if you're interested I can take some more pics of it tonight.

          Below is a stock picture. Looks just like it (only reversed, red tortoise pickguard, and it's standard scale


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            that was an epic story, good luck on the sale.


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              Hey, guys! My need for cash has ramped up slightly, so I'll sell it for $390 shipped.