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is it wrong to wish sometimes that I were righty?

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  • is it wrong to wish sometimes that I were righty?

    I would kill for this thing!

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    you know jackson has a custom shop, right?

    they can make you a lefty one and even put a floyd rose in it
    Originally posted by metalchurch
    I had my ball sack appraised one time.
    Originally posted by metalchurch
    ??Apparently ball sack and ball sack are synonymous.


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      Although I tend to agree with you, I like to look at the bright.

      #1 I'd probably be divorced if every guitar I see and want was built for us. Happens at least 10 times a day.

      #2 I'd most likely be living in my car, because all my money would go to guitars. I've got no self control.

      #3 I know this for a fact, I would have a huge mf'n smile on my face if they were available.


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        As a lefty I have way too many guitars as it is.

        If I was right handed my a$$ would be fried !


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          Is it wrong for me to wish I had a 3rd arm with a fully functiong hand ? I would'nt care if I was a "freak"
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