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  • Candy Tangerine Jazzmaster

    I ordered this from Warmoth, and they messed it up (I wanted a racing stripe - not a comp stripe), and so I returned it.

    It's starting to get REEEEAAAALLLLY cheap. I originally paid 550 for it.

    I'm tempted to buy it just to have an extra guitar, but I'm trying to save money.

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    i've been keeping an eye on it

    i really want a jazzmaster
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      I'm just curious, would a strat neck work, or does a jazzmaster neck have a unique configuration?


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        It's routed for a Strat neck...which I happen to have an extra one lying around specifically for that guitar.

        I ordered the body and neck separately, and I received the neck right away, but Warmoth only gives a 10-day return period. So I had the neck for a month and a half before the body came, which was when I decided to scrap the project. I couldn't return the neck, and so I still have it, but I don't think I'll ever use it.

        So if you'd need a neck....


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          Ah, one thing about that Jazzmaster...

          They've been lowering it about $20-$30 per week, but I don't think they'll let it go to (or below) $195, since that's what they charge for an unfinished body.

          I imagine if it doesn't sell within the next few days (maybe a week), they'll just strip the finish and sell it unfinished.

          Also, if you don't like the three p-90 config, i'm sure you could just put a regular JM pickguard on it with whatever pickup configuration you wanted (provided they fit in the P-90 routs). Warmoth might also be able to expand the routs to fit humbuckers or even the traditional JM pickups.
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