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  • Peavey Tracer .

    Ok, Kahler tremolo plus DiMarzios. Come on guys, you know you
    want it.
    "NO, I don't build left handed guitars! I think left handed people are freaks and should not even play the guitar."

    Words by a famous luthier when asked by me for a custom left handed instrument quote.

    "Great man, you are brilliant! So your stupid ass thinks that Hendrix should have never played the guitar?!"

    My reply.

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    I don't know about that seller, I seem to remember pictures like that for a bunch of ebay ads that the guys from the BC Rich forum were saying stay away.

    That being said, the Peavey Tracer is a highly underrated American Made guitar. They had a few configurations (pickup, maple neck, etc) and every one I have seen has been surprisingly awesome.

    Just my $0.02