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Dr. Evil has a lefty for sale:

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  • Dr. Evil has a lefty for sale:

    I am speechless!!!

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    Alas , if it only had the original strings ...


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      Fully original gets squashed in his first sentence of the description "Fully original except ..." these guys are killin' my funny bone ... but she's one hot battleaxe.
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        lol that was a perfect fucking thread title


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          I made an offer. He can either take the hundred bucks or he can leave it on eBay forever. His choice.


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            Million dollars is like... 28 euros or something right? I might just get that. Not sure about the color though, think I'll sand her down and spraypaint iher black.
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            Originally posted by chilton
            Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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              A million fucking dollars............ Is this guy on dope? If so, I'd like an 1/8 of it to try, so reality becomes as distorted as this guys perception of it. A million fucking dollars?!?!

              I'm gonna offer him $150 for it, since it really isn't all original, the strap button is gonna be the deal breaker for me. I gladly would pay the million if it was all original, but no, someone fucked with it


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                please wake this guy up... someone...


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                  Hey guys take it easy on the dude, I spoke to him yesterday (as I am number 2) and what he really meant was:

                  One Billlllliiiioooon Dollars!!!


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                    YAY, a beat up on a ebay crack smoker thread.

                    I have seen items like that go for quite a lot but a million? yep he would get it from some rich asshole who wants it IF the fucking thing was under glass in a display case for 50 years....then it would be worth a million to some rich fuck who has nothing better to do this year to put in the show-off rooms in one of those 8 multi million dollar houses he already owns.

                    but as it sits with cracked knobs, a broken and a "multiply welded from a break in the past" tailpiece, a headstock that looks like someone used it gig after gig and threw it around in the case and no famous superstar that would have used it back in the day to endorse and authenticate it...30,000 tops...

                    but alas, who am I to put a value on something I have no interest in ???
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