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Thread: Skervesen Chiroptera 'Valhala' Lefty

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    Default Skervesen Chiroptera 'Valhala' Lefty

    Guys - looking to make a quick deal on this so offering for $1900 plus actual shipping (including current Instrumental Pickup SFTY3 in bridge; Warpig would be extra). Details copied from the Reverb listing which also includes pics.


    Skervesen Chiroptera 'Valhala' Custom Guitar

    Orientation: Lefty / Left-Handed

    7-string custom-build Skervesen Chiroptera in sandblasted swamp ash. Birdseye maple fretboard. Bareknuckle Mule neck pickup; bridge humbucker changed to Instrumental Pickups SFTY3 black on black. Will include original Bareknuckle Warpig. Excellent condition - bought new and lightly used.

    Link to description and pics on Wicked Guitars website.
    The master built and thematic approach for this instrument invokes the archaic, battered, battle-worn and antiquated appeal of the 8th century Viking era and could be easily mistaken to having been discovered among sunken ruins of a weather worn long-ship.

    A lightweight yet sturdy and formidable weapon equip this instrument with superior tone, resonance and balance. A Heavily sandblasted exterior with an inlaid Wenge pick-guard. Hand shaped and polished frets levelled to 0.01mm accuracy for shallowest possible action and minimal fatigue.

    The Scale length features a complacent fan at 25-26" and featuring a 7pc Mahogany, Wenge, Flame Maple Neck construction with an antiqued birdseye Maple fretboard. Refined and reliced hardware components finalize and furnish this instrument.

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    that's a beautiful guitar.

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    I'm heading to Poland in January to pickup my Swan custom from them - super stoked.

    That is a beautiful axe mate!

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