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Thread: Why do you play guitar left handed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalchurch View Post
    Michael Angel Batio is a natural lefty, but he is also a natural bad ass!
    Joan is a lefty as well James, I think we actually talked about that before...
    I use scissors right handed cause they had better scissors in school, so I adapted for a better performing machine. I do everything else lefty, but I can also do alot of stuff right handed just as well, and sometimes better if I think about it.
    I think i could finger pick right handed far better than i could ever strum or play rhythms. Atleast right away. I do believe though, that we can pick up playing righty faster than they could trying to play lefty. Mostly cause we rationalize and have better motor skills among other things.
    I'm so used to twisting a right handed fretboard around in my brain to play something on a left handed fretboard that if I actually just had to play what I was seeing I'd be lost right there.

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    I write, play guitar, fight and eat left handed. I throw, shoot firearms, and play sport right handed. When I was a kid about 10 or 11 I got a right handed guitar and took leasons...i could not do shit...so when I was a teenager a buddy told me he plays left handed and handed me is lefty axe. And it felt just right so I then knew I could learn and play guitar again.

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    After reading a few of the comments, I think it is funny that some of us have even married left handed...me included (twice)

    When you're a lefty, you're a lefty all the way...

    or, we may be left handed, but we are in our right minds...

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    Afternoon. Interesting conversation. Hope you guys don't mind me chiming in...you all seem to know each other pretty well. Anyway, I'm a natural lefty...picked up guitar in my forties and it just seems natural that way. Write, eat, play, snowboard goofy, throw....everything lefty. Funny thing, I'm a pilot and there seems to be a higher number of lefties in that world when I watch my fellow pilots write. Usually you hear that about artistic types...not sure my profession falls in that realm.

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