Selling a few of my spare pedals as I'm really only using the Kemper nowdays. All work flawlessly with no issues at all. I have also listed these in my local classifieds (Salt Lake City, UT) so I'll remove them from here as they sell. Price includes shipping to anywhere mainland U.S. I'd prefer to not send anything internationally.


Wampler Plexidrive (early box version). Some small nicks in the paint as this guy is my favorite Marshall pedal and it lived on my board permanently. Used this with my Fender style amps when I needed those killer JTM tones that everyone loves. $125


Diamond Fireburst Fuzz/OD. Comes with original box. Much more than a simple fuzz. Diamond makes great stuff. $145


Fuchs Replay Jr Delay w/ original Visual Sound 1 spot power supply included). This pedal is really hard to find now days. A fantastic tape delay simulation that runs a 12ax7 at high voltage to warm everything up. Currently has a russian Electro Harmonix 12ax7 in it and it sounds, well.. awesome! New these go for over $400. This is the one I'll miss most. $230


ISP Decimator noise reduction pedal. I actually have 2 of these so I'm selling my spare. If you have a noisy signal, you need one of these. Simple as that! $55