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Thread: Left-handed Warmoth Rosewood neck - Unused

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    Default Left-handed Warmoth Rosewood neck - Unused

    I have a lefty Warmoth unfinished rosewood neck.

    - SS 6230 frets (the size is about the same as vintage fender frets)
    - Standard thin contour (contour is based on Fender American Series)
    - 1 5/8" nut
    - Precut black graphtech nut
    - MOP dot inlays
    - Drilled for Schaller locking tuners.
    - Vintage modern construction
    - 25.5" scale length

    The base Indian Rosewood neck sells for $337 + shipping, not including all the extras (nut - $30, MOP - $15, SS Frets - $20). Out the door, you'd be looking at over $400 and a 4-6 week wait.
    I'd like $290 + actual shipping cost for this. It will ship in the same packaging Warmoth sent it to me in (sturdy box with holder).

    I installed the neck once on my guitar, and drilled a string-T hole, but that's it. I didn't even drill in the tuner screws. The colors just didn't look good against the guitar I put it on. I was waiting on a different body, but that's since been scrapped. This is nearly, for all intents and purposes, a brand new neck.

    I'm also open to trades.

    If anyone's interested, I'll post some pics.

    *As an FYI - the neck is unfinished (as in, no finishing materials...just raw wood), but because it is rosewood, it does not require a finish. You can play on the bare wood...it's a very different feel than finished necks (it's much slicker and faster).

    Here's some info on the neck type: http://www.warmoth.com/Guitar/necks/...alvintage.aspx
    It's licensed to Fender specs, so you can drop it in any Fender with a strat-neck pocket and 25.5" scale length (Strats, Jazzmasters, Telecaster Deluxes, almost any Squier, and probably much more).
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    I've decided I want to get a neck with a different contour, so I don't think I'll ever use this one.

    I'll let it go for $250, shipping included.

    For a $425+shipping neck, this is a steal.

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