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08-24-2009, 07:02 PM
Agile Hornet Pro 725w case (case is on backorder)

My first seven and Im pretty happy with the quality, Agile guitars make some
great stuff and still are a relatively unheard of brand. Keep in mind that right
away I changed the chrome trem and tuners for black ones for purely
asthetic reasons. I like to keep it tuned to A-E-A-D-G-B-E but will probably
experiment with others when I get the time.

sound: the mahogany body gives this guitar a nice warm tone. that along
with the extra string and the emg 707's also help give you some really heavy
sounds. I usually play through some kind of distortion pedal and found that I
had to tweak my settings a bit, and even then the neck pickup could get a
bit muddy for the low end riffage. So I usually keep it on the bridge pup,
which is fine with me seeing as I only use the neck for solo stuff. If your
looking for something with a bright sound you should probably look elsewhere.

playability: If you dont have large hands you should not be considering this
guitar. this thing is a monster when it comes to size, in every aspect, body,
fretboard, even the headstock at times can seem a little big haha. the neck
however is suprisingly playable and the only problem I have is movement on
anything past the 19th fret (where the set neck meets the body) its difficult
to get my normal shred grip (with my thumb centered in the back acting as
a pivot point). Position of the input jack is also kinda odd, its right where
your inner thigh would be if you are playing sitting down so stand up and play
or use a 90 degree jack.

quality: excellent, the ebony board is smooth (though not as flawless as my
Jacksons or Agile Reaper). Everything seems pretty high end barring the
licensed trem (not poor quality at all, just obviously not a Floyd Rose, some
people are all about brand names.) I did however notice one little flaw.. the
side dots on the 15, 17, 19, 21 and 24th frets seem "hazy". They are definatly
there just not as solid as the others.

Overall: I really like the guitar and would recommend to anyone looking for a
really "metal" 7 stinger. However if its your first 7 (like it was mine)you should
probably go for a more traditional body shape for a little less money.
I say that because I am not certain that 7 strings is for me just yet (outside
of a song or two I've written) so it would be more comfortable to learn on a
round body. In the long run not sure If I'll hang on to her. I got it mostly
because I had GAS for a V and a 7 and figured I could kill two birds as the
saying goes. Its an awesome guitar but fact remains that whenever I decide
to thin the herd this one will likely be first to go.

Im not much of a reveiw person, I usually either like something or dont. Anyway I hope this helps.

08-24-2009, 07:05 PM

08-24-2009, 07:07 PM
weak dots (for realz, not the flash)

I blocked the trem, I rarely use it on 6s why would I on a 7? the lower right
screw for the back cover is kinda poor.

12-14-2009, 02:06 PM
A cool axe for the price, especially when you point out that lefty 7s are not legions out there.
It was nice to have an objective review with the pictures too. I agree that with such a shape, 'Agile' may not be the appropriate name for this guitar when you need to access high notes.
This 'Flying V' shape is cool aesthetically to me, but I'd definitely not buy any for playing convenience reasons. Whether you're seated or standing, I find drawbacks in this shape.

Having a 7 can be a temptation for a collector, but you're right saying that for playing purposes, it has to be justified. Playing chords with this extra string with an average finger length won't come without serious training. I'd consider that only for soloing, as you can do pretty much of everything in terms of riffs and chords with a good 6 string, whatever the tuning...

I could get me a lefty Jem, so its 24 cases are pretty enough for me when I need high notes (furthermore, they're much more accessible).

But I'd be interested in giving this Agile a little try. Just curiosity. :headbang;