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03-08-2013, 05:27 AM
Members have asked for a thread in which Mod and Admin state the reason they give Infraction, Warning or Ban to posters. This will be a Closed Thread so only Mod and Admin may post in here. We will not bore you with every spammer we ban or this would quickly become the lengthiest thread on the forum.
Any suggestions or observations in PM to Mod and Admin only. Note that this is NOT an invite to discussion of the rules.

03-08-2013, 05:35 AM
First in The Doghouse is Mr9Fingers. A warning for inappropriate language.
In PM Mr9Fingers stated he didn't mean to offend any members.

The Gun Thread is a hot spot on the forum. Realise there's members with conflicting opinions on this board. State your opinion, be respectful about it. Please remember that, while you may not agree with certain politicians and their views, others on the board will take offense if you call them names. They will feel that, in essence, you are calling them names.

03-08-2013, 09:30 AM
Try to keep discourse polite. Believe me, I have some very rude things to say myself when it comes to politics. Sometimes you just have to be a bit subtle, but you can still get your point across.

03-20-2013, 03:45 AM
Saufen received a warning for inappropriate language. You're well within your right to disagree with certain politicians, but as stated before namecalling is out of the question. Remember there's members here that will have an opposite view and be offended by the way you address the subject.

03-22-2013, 12:24 PM
Otterhound gets a warning for a blatant insult to another member. Feel free to disagree guys, but don't call your pals names out of anger.

Just to be clear: Nobody has been banned for this. Just warned to stop before things got really nasty.

04-19-2013, 04:56 PM
Southpaw Sam gets a warning. Keep a civil toungue, even when you feel provoced.