View Full Version : I gots a few pedals For Sale!

Mr.9 Fingers
04-20-2012, 12:22 AM
Early 80's MXR Distortion +. Very similar to what Randy Rhoads used. This one does have an LED and a 1/8" power plug if you're using a power brick for your pedals. Works great, sounds great, just a little beat up. Definitely a user pedal and not a collector pedal. $45 shipped

EH Memory Boy. Very cool analog delay pedal that has a few other tricks up it's sleeve. It's one of those things that I bought, played with it for a couple hours, and put it away. I prefer digital delays, so it just wasn't my bag. Still have the original box and all the paper work. $90 shipped

Dunlop Kirk Hammett signature wah. Awesome wah, has some bite to it where a regular wah will just kind of mush out on ya. Have the box and paperwork on this one to. How does $75 plus shipping sound. I say plus shipping on this cuz wahs are heavy and where you live will affect the shipping price a good bit.

I'm sure I'll have a couple more pedals to put up. I haven't decided which yet. These are OBO. I'll get some pictures up tomorrow.

**Money Orders only please**

Any other questions, ask away!

Location Winchester, Indiana

Mr.9 Fingers
04-21-2012, 06:07 PM
Here's a pic! I've also added in a Planet Waves desktop strobe tuner. $35 shipped!