View Full Version : 2 lefty violins, one A/E, one nice romanian acoustic.

11-08-2011, 07:08 PM
A Gliga violin and an Evolution Violin carved acoustic/electric (peizo based).

Both are great instruments, but I've moved onto viola :)

Take either for $550 shipped.

The Evolution is here: http://www.evolutionviolin.com/ev2.htm it's the Lefty EV2LG

That one ( EV2LG S.N. #1013 ) is the exact one I purchased: (the "sold" status hasn't been updated). It has figured maple top, back, and bent ribs.

Quite a nice little violin; a lovely voice when amplified, very usable tone/vol knobs, and a clever frequency filter to allow the bass notes to come through better when amplified. Barely played.

I've also got a Gliga Gems 1 lefty violin - cost me a bit above $700 an "M2" bow upgrade - only a few months old, and also barely played.

Take either for $550 shipped in the cont US, or take both for $1K!