View Full Version : selling a bunch of gear!! i just might accept your BO!!

03-30-2011, 10:26 AM
Whats up fellow lefties. Im starting to get really tired of my GAS. Its slowing me down from actually getting better as a musician and writing music. so im selling a bunch of gear that i have accumulated over the past few years. shoot me your best offers. ill also look into trades. here's all the gear that some of you lefties might treasure:

GUITARS (all lefties of course):
esp ltd sc-207
esp ltd h-207
agile intrepid pro 828
ibanez rg7420 (metallic grey)
ibanez rg7420 (black)
schecter c-1 artist limited edition
jackson ps4 performer
ibanez rg1570 (body only, no trem or neck)

dunlop crybaby gcb-95

engl powerball
fender fm100h halfstack

7 string licensed floyd rose(silver)
6 string licensed floyd rose (gold)
schecter locking tuners and tonepros TOM from a schecter c-7 hellraiser
grover tuners 6 in-line
gotoh tuners 6 in-line

i have pics of everything. or i can take better ones