View Full Version : Jesse, you have a minor problem

The Mad Hatter
03-14-2011, 03:58 AM
Last two months have been busy - nearly finished a novel, first draft will be done by the end of this month come hell or high water!

So I haven't been around. Much to my surprise, when I sign in, the forums show NO new posts, that is the little envelope icons are all closed. This isn't a huge bug. I can search for my old posts, find out when I was last on, and look at the posts that were updated later. But it's a nuisance.

Don't have a clue what is causing it either. I've never run VBulletin/VBForum. Never heard of it before (I looked at the page source code to see what it was).

Anyway, thought I'd mention it.

Wayne aka The Mad Hatter

PS: Like the new skin though, it's a lot easier on the eyes than the last one :)

03-14-2011, 08:53 AM
I will check it out for ya, that's very odd indeed