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The Mad Hatter
11-26-2010, 12:28 AM
This is a neat little device that plugs into your IOS device (I use my IPad because the controls are easier to see). It has a round body which has a standard guitar cable plug in (1/4"), a stereo headphone out (1/8"), and a cable that connects to the dual purpose headphone/input port in the IPad.

To connect it to an Amp, an adapter cable from 1/8" stereo to an amp is available, but you need an amp with dual inputs, or two amps. In my case that means I need to hook up both amps, and I haven't been able to do so yet, because my wife has decided to overhaul the living room, and it's full of furniture boxes :) FYI, she uses it for her office, and if anyone wants a custom handmade quilt, talk to her, Moment's in Time Quilted by Heather (http://www.quiltedbyheather.com).

She's a lefty who learned to play right, and I haven't managed to convince her to switch...

Anyway, on to the review. Hooking things up is simple. Downloading the Amplitube software of course requires an ITunes account. There's both Free and Paid versions of the Amplitube software, since it was my birthday I splurged on the paid version, which was $20.00 Canadian.

In effect what you have with this is a tiny amplifier that you can carry anywhere, if you have stereo speakers to attach it to instead of headphones. But it's not just one amp. the paid software has Clean, Crunch, Lead, Metal, and Bass amps, each with it's one looks, and set of controls. The images are of a variety of classic amps from major manufacturers, without the labels. The controls on the amps actually work. though they take a bit of getting used to. The software shows rotary knobs, but a straight motion up or down on the screen is needed to change the settings, up of course raises the volume or tone, down lowers it.

The amps come with a selection of cabinets, starting at 1 x 12" and going to 4 x 12". I haven't played with this setting yet, just noticed it. Changing the cabinet setting changes a small image of an amp in the lower right of the screen (I have my IPad locked in landscape view, in portrait view this might be different).

And now the fun part. This thing has a shit load of effects. Delay, Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive, Wah, Envelope Filter, Chorus, Flanger, Phazer, Octave, and Noise Filter. Each effect is imaged just like the boxes your guitar shop carries. For example the Overdrive box has Drive, Level, and Tone controls, in addition to the foot switch. The control knobs work the same way as the control knobs on the amps do, with a simple up or down movement of your finger. Some of the devices also have toggle switches, these are operated by touching the switch. Wah is the oddball, with a slider switch, which is controlled by sliding your finger.

You can have four effects boxes on screen at once. They do work together, however not all that well. I don't know if real effects boxes have this problem, it's a software issue, or I've set something wrong (I know software, but I've never played with an effects box before). If you switch out an effects box, your settings are saved, and come back when you bring it up again.

There's 9 available presets that you can set up for quick switches while you are playing. A Tuner and Metronome are included.

Overall impression - 5 out of 5. This thing is easy to use, a hell of a lot cheaper than buying separate effects boxes, easier to carry, and great fun. As I said above, I'd never played with effects boxes before, so I can't compare this to the real thing, but if it's 75% as good, it's going to sell like hot cakes. In fact it may kill the effects box market.

I love it.

The Mad Hatter
11-26-2010, 12:48 AM
This is an IPad running the Amplitube software, from the manufacturers website.


And this is an image showing the IRig itself next to a Strat and an IPhone. Yes, that little black tube is it, that is the real size.


I own both an IPhone, and an IPad. The IPhone screen is a bit too small for my 54 year old eyes, which is why I'm using the IPad with the IRig, but you young guys who can still see small things could use an IPhone, and be able to stuff the whole damned works into the pocket of your jeans, or in your guitar case with the guitar cable. Assuming the gig you are playing at has a decent house amp, you are set.

There are some differences between the IPhone and IPad software. The manufacturer told me on Twitter that they are aiming for feature parity, but that they have two separate code bases. Right now the IPhone software is more advanced, hopefully the IPad version will catch up quickly.

11-27-2010, 08:50 AM
that's pretty rad, hopefully it comes out for Android shortly.

11-27-2010, 03:03 PM
I wasn't too impressed with Amplitube 1.0 for the iPhone but 2.0 is fantastic.

Now I just need an iRig so I can actually play with it. That I wont get until Christmas. :(

The Mad Hatter
11-29-2010, 09:09 AM
that's pretty rad, hopefully it comes out for Android shortly.


They respond pretty quickly on Twitter (as a matter of fact they were following me, so you can find their account by viewing @_the_mad_hatter and looking at followers). Sound like a nice crowd, why don't you ask?

The Mad Hatter
11-29-2010, 09:10 AM
I wasn't too impressed with Amplitube 1.0 for the iPhone but 2.0 is fantastic.

Now I just need an iRig so I can actually play with it. That I wont get until Christmas. :(

Ah, the advantages of having a birthday in late November :)

03-24-2011, 10:06 PM
I just picked up an ipad and downloaded garage band...might have to get one of these

04-01-2011, 01:16 AM
Simply plug the iRig interface into your mobile device, plug your instrument into the appropriate input jack, plug in your headphones, amp or powered speakers, download 'AmpliTube FREE' version for iPhone or for iPad, and start rocking!