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  1. Any luthiers, builders, hot rodders out there?
  2. Would this work?
  3. Will a OFR fit in a Fender strat?
  4. pickup suggestions?
  5. what pickups should i use?
  6. Fitting a Bigsby (or whatever) to a hollowbody.
  7. refitting a t.o.m. bridge?
  8. Repairing a warped pickguard
  9. Some youtube lessons
  10. My new Blog (music/guitar related)
  11. Can we get a sticky for a thread devoted to guitar-making?
  12. Ibanez Gibraltar Standard question.....
  13. Theodore Zira's Lick of the Week
  14. Music Theory Discussion
  15. Lead Guitar Made Easy by 62LeftyBlues
  16. cool guitar backingtracks
  17. cool tab site.
  18. Lefty Diagram, Minor Pentatonic Patterns, all five of them!!!
  19. Who on here does guitar lessons via Skype or whatever?
  20. Ever try to learn a song and just quit immediately?
  21. Anyone want to learn a Buckethead song with me? I need help!
  22. I need some recommendations from you guys doing internet skype lessons.
  23. Tube Amps
  24. My guitar will NOT stay in tune!!! Any ideas??? HELP!!!
  25. Bunch of wiring articles from Seymour Duncan
  26. Can anyone easily explain truss rod adjustment??
  27. 5 way switch custom wiring question
  28. Lefty volume knobs??? LOOK !! NO SAH! NO WAY!
  29. A Question of Quack?
  30. how to do pinch harmonics?
  31. Pots suitable for ESP Eclipse/Horizon (would a seymour duncan liberator work?)
  32. Starting the Troy Stetina Speed Mechanics book today.
  33. 30 Shredders and intro to their technique
  34. Need help w converting sev guitars
  35. Converting an Edge tremolo/Edge variant to an OFR style arm.
  36. i could use a more experienced opinion.
  37. Queensryche
  38. Left hand technique
  39. Rocksmith 2014
  40. EMG 57/66 Pickups - Anyone tried them?
  41. iRealB and iReal Pro
  42. I set up a guitar!
  43. Cracking the Code
  44. Anyone have any tips for cleaning rusted chrome?
  45. I need a bass diagram or explanation
  46. Nice online tool for scale charts!
  47. tips for swapping out pickups
  48. Has anyone routed under a Fender tremolo?
  49. Design philosophy of the zero fret.
  50. Smoothing out gloss neck
  51. ALSA Paint / Killer Can
  52. Breaking the Minor Blues Box
  53. Alternate picking speed, an honest conversation
  54. Jesse needs a music room
  55. Original Edge Fine Tuner Restoration
  56. How the F@#$ does he do that?