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  1. Gary Moore RIP
  2. Metal Up Your Ass
  3. What's your fav band?
  4. Lets talk about how awesome Guthrie Govan is
  5. Buckethead!
  6. PRS Experience 2012
  7. Check this out
  8. Check this band out!!!
  9. Now for you young un's
  10. iPad Apps
  11. Jake E. Lee
  12. the tower struck down
  13. the flock - in 1969 -
  14. Modern bands pushing the envelope
  15. Fav album of this year
  16. Love mash ups of genres
  17. Hendrix Machine Gun
  18. Post your Album Cover
  19. What else are you guys into?
  20. What Bands of Today Will still be around in Ten Years Time
  21. R.I.P. RAVI
  22. Bootzilla, y'all!
  23. Job for a Cowboy's new cd
  24. Dewolff -> awesome Dutch band! :)
  25. A dose of 70's awesomeness
  26. George Harrison
  27. Who are your favorite players?
  28. Guthrie & Ditto
  29. Cobalt Strings?
  30. Wampler Dual Fusion
  31. Pantera behind the music
  32. John Petruci Studio rig rundown
  33. Killswitch Engage: Disarm the Descent (2013)
  34. Sabbath
  35. Fleshgod Apocalypse "Agony"
  36. Hol.ee.crap..
  38. New Dream Theater streaming
  39. Interesting Music Videos
  40. Flight of the Conchords
  41. Tyr does some good covers. (Pantera, Rainbow, Black Sabbath content)
  42. History Of The Guitarsolo
  43. Relicing guitars, yay or nay?
  44. Whoa, this guy
  45. Since all that is circulating on facebook is that stupid little drummer boy video...
  46. This is glorious
  48. Get your drool on (Suhr content)
  49. Lefty Poll: Meat and Potatoes Questions
  50. jeebus...
  51. Check out this band!!!!!
  52. Cigar Box Guitars
  53. Post your stereo!
  54. Any Doom/Stoner Rock/Metal Fans?
  55. Iron Maiden is live right now!
  56. Alexi Laiho playing Panama
  57. Extreme live in Manchester UK
  58. Interesting
  59. Fred Brum
  60. Anyone else on here make music using a DAW?
  61. New project I've been working on (metal)
  62. Saw Parkway Drive last night
  63. Electric Guitar for Beginners: Start With the Sound You Love
  64. Any New Bands We Should Be Listening To ?
  65. RIP Prince
  66. Songs For The Deaf
  67. Rusty Rooley live
  68. Left hand-destroying workout with Jon Schaffer
  69. Pickup Wire Connectors
  70. Nastiest, snarliest, grindiest, most articulate pickup
  71. What the hell does a "warm" tone even mean?
  72. EXTREME Pornografitti 25th anniversary Blu Ray/DVD/CD
  73. You're invited but your friends can't come!
  74. What do you look for?
  75. Name 5 guitar players you stole the most from.
  76. What is your favorite music video?
  77. Finally YouTubed some bands I always heard about...
  78. Your favorite guitar tone.
  79. Think I'm hanging them up...
  80. Which is Anthrax's thrashiest album?