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Git (some)

Some of my gits.
  1. The same partscaster (post-op, with the new great playing Fender neck).
  2. Fender American Deluxe 
I fell victim to the N3 pickup tone - creamy and crystal clear.  S1 switch adds interesting tonal options too.  Lovely...
  3. Douglas tele copy (from Rondo). 
A fun knockaround tele that I want to find other pickups for.  I love the look and its neck is just ok, but I want...
  4. Gibson Les Paul Studio - not worth nearly as much as the 335, but with its tone and playability, I value it just as highly. Wouldn't sell it for 4...
  5. The twins - two MIM telecasters, one original pickups for rock, the other has texas specials for blues.  One will sacrifice its body to refinishing...
  6. Partscaster #1 
$75 not-Fender body with someone else's Fender MIM neck, locking tuners. Still needs better pickups for blues.
  7. Gibson ES335 natural 
Never leaves home - I don't feel worthy playing it, but do anyway.
  8. The Blurple MIM Strat 
Just a cheap standard strat, but plays like a dream.
  9. Gibson Firebird studio 
mini humbuckers 
mahogany body 
maple neck
  10. Guild GAD-50L Dread with killer tone. 
Solid sitka top 
Solid indian rosewood back & sides 
mahogany neck 
grover tuners 
25-1/2" scale 
Width at...
  11. Larrivee Parlor made before there were multiple Larrivee parlor models. 
24" scale 
1-3/4" nut 
2-3/16" saddle 
13-1/8" lower bout 
9-1/8" upper...
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