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lefthanded guitars

These are some of my lefthanded guitars.
I'll try and change the pics for better ones when I get a chance to make 'em.
  1. 1980-ish Condor LP 
there's at least 7 strips of different kinds of wood in this guitar
  2. 1980-ish Condor LP 
talk about an '80s pancake body...
  3. 1980-ish Condor LP 
nice birdseye maple back 
too bad the top looked nothing like this
  4. 1980-ish Condor LP 
how about that for a headstock huh?
  5. 1980-ish Condor LP 
used to be black all over, recently I sanded down to the bare plywood top and spray-painted it a metallic blue 
it's original sc...
  6. '84 MiJ Fender stratocaster
  7. '84 MiJ Fender stratocaster
  8. '84 MiJ Fender stratocaster
  9. London City Spitfire
  10. London City Spitfire
  11. London City Spitfire
  12. Hagström Select Ultra Swede
  13. Hagström Select Ultra Swede
  14. Hagström Select Ultra Swede
  15. 2009 Tokai TJ98
  16. 2009 Tokai TJ98
  17. '84 Tokai Breezysound
  18. '84 Tokai Breezysound
  19. '84 Tokai Breezysound
  20. Samick semi acoustic from late 80s
  21. Samick semi acoustic from late 80s
  22. Samick semi acoustic from late 80s
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